Understanding Real Estate Seller Agency

 There are many advantages to working with us to sell your home in Los Angeles. From never missing a new buyer, to getting the best price. We love LA and we live, work and play in LA. We are committed to providing our clients with ethical superior service and real estate expertise. Our combined 25 years of real estate experience, training and education in the legal aspect of the home selling process will definitely be a plus in ensuring a smooth transaction for the seller.

By definition, your agent is someone who will represent your interests.  And a handful of laws governing agency relationships have been designed to help you feel safe with your decision.  Here are a few basics you should know:

When a real estate agent/broker represents a buyer or seller, the agent/broker owes the buyer or seller certain fiduciary duties, which means they’re charged with requirements of confidentiality, obedience, fidelity, loyalty, accounting, and reasonable skill and care.

When a real estate agent/broker does not represent a buyer or seller, no fiduciary duties exist. However, even when there are no official duties, real estate professionals still have an obligation of honesty to all parties with whom they interact.

As the Seller’s agent we will:

  • Be loyal and act in your best interests;
  • Obey your lawful instructions;
  • Protect your confidences;
  • Exercise reasonable skill and diligence in carrying out our duties;
  • Be accountable for handling funds and paperwork;
  • Present all offers in a timely fashion; and
  • Execute other duties as outlined in the seller agency agreement.