Foreman & Clark Building

The Foreman and Clark Building, located at 701 South Hill Street, was originally built in 1929 and is located in Los Angeles’s Jewelry District. It served as a home to many office tenants and street level jewelry retailers in those early days. The building has since been converted into 165 beautiful residential units, and attracts homebuyers and renters who appreciate its location, amenities and charm. Additionally, the building features two restaurants and a bar/lounge on the ground floor, which are nice perks for building and neighborhood residents. If you are searching for a top-of-the-line condo that also gives a nod to the city’s history and past, then this is definitely a building that you don’t want to miss!


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The Foreman and Clark Building was once a remarkable pillar of the downtown pre-war retail space. Foreman and Clark washeadquartered out of the building for around 30 years, only leaving the premises after the mid-century decline of the downtown area. In 2009, the building was designated a Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument, and it continues to be one of the most charming and iconic condominium buildings in downtown Los Angeles. For this and many reasons, it is a popular location for homebuyers and renters looking to live in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

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