Arts District Retail Center

The famed Los Angeles Arts District is a vibrant and dynamic community, home to many of the city’s artists. In fact, you will find a wealth of art and culture in the district, including various art galleries, art classes, and entertainment venues, which continues to draw Los Angeles’ creatives to the community.

In addition to all that the Arts District has to offer, there will be a new open-air concept mall coming soon. Right now, the area is just a corner intersection where two streets meet, home to several warehouses. Soon enough, however, it will be transformed into a massive 125,000-square-foot shopping center, or what the planners are calling an “urban retail center.” The center is designed to evoke a feeling of Old Town Pasadena, with mixed materials of wood, concrete, and repurposed brick being the main design materials. According to the developers, there will be plenty of walkways and passages, with outdoor seating and dining – making this the perfect center to blend in with the rest of the arts district.


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This development is designed to be the dominant retail project in the Arts District. With such a forward-thinking design and concept, the plan is to attract unique and engaging retailers and restauranteurs to the area, focused on maintaining the integrity and identity of the Arts District. The various retailers, as well as the shopping center, will complement the area, rather than detract from or compete with it – something that is particularly important to the developers. Various condominium locations are planned for the center.

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