Month to Month Rental Agreements

When you are renting your property under a month to month agreement, a landlord can do the following:

  • You may change the amount of rent on 30 or 60 days written notice. This is subject to any rent control ordinances.
  • You may increase (or decrease) the amount of rent in all areas that don’t have rent control ordinances on 30 days notice.
  • For increases over 10%, 60 days notice is required.
  • On 30 days’ written notice, you may change other terms of the tenancy.
  • You may make other changes in the terms of the tenancy on 30 days; notice, such as increasing the deposit amount (if you’re not charging the maximum allowed by law), adding or modifying a no pets clause, or making any other reasonable change.
  • You may end a tenancy at any time on 30 days notice if the tenant has stayed less than a year. 60 days notice if the tenancy has lasted a year or more. One exception – Rent control ordinances in some cities do not allow this type of termination.  Some government subsidized tenancies require 90 days notice.