Echo Park Homes

Echo Park Homes

  • “One of the Top 10 Great Neighborhoods for 2008!” Echo Park was voted by the American Planning Association.
  • “Historic architecture! Breathtaking hillside topography! Pedestrian friendly streets! Engaged residents who have worked hard to protect and preserve their community!”
  • Home to the annual Lotus Festival, the Cuban Festival and Historic Filipino town.
  • The area features perfectly preserved craftsman-style homes. It also has modern architecture.   Echo Park is also home to great schools, parks and libraries.


  • Carriage maker turned real estate developer Thomas Kelly founded Echo Park.
  • Kelly teamed up with a group of local investors. They sold off pieces of what they called “the Montana Tract” in the late 1880s.
  • There is a legend that the reservoir got its name after workers said that their voices echoed off the canyon walls.
  • The small farms and ranches that dotted the hills and canyons of Echo Park and the neighborhoods of Elysian Heighs and Angelino Heights gave way to Victorian mansions, Craftsman bungalows, Spanish Colonial style homes and brick storefronts.
  • It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in LA and developed at the end of the 19th century. Its greatest surge of growth was in between 1905 and 1935.
  • Echo Park is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, developed at the end of the 19th century and seeing its greatest surge in growth between 1905 and 1935.
  • Its located northwest of downtown LA, its rolling hills and steep bluffs because a prime spot for clapboard cottages, Spanish-style bungalows and a sprinkling of postwar and Modern homes.
  • It is home to unique businesses, live music venues and art galleries.
  • The shops have blossomed along Sunset Blvd. and the northern most part of Echo Park Boulevard going up into the hills.
  • The LA film industry was centered in Echo Park. It was then called Edendale before the studios moved to Hollywood, just before World War I.
  • A large number of silent comedies were shot in this neighborhood. Also Laurel and Hardy, Charlie, Chaplin and the Three Stooges shorts were also filmed here.
  • Some of the earliest screen performers, including Gloria Swanson and Tom Mix, bought homes in Angelino Heights and surrounding neighborhoods before moving to Hollywood and other areas.
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