Private Showings

We are ready to show properties to buyers whether it is on the weekday or on the weekend.  Private showings allow buyers to peruse the property for a longer period of time and allows them to really think about whether they would like to live on the property.

Open Houses

A great way to introduce your property to a broad range of buyers is to have open houses.  We advertise your open house by sending postcards and flyers  to the residents of L.A. and we advertise it in our print ad publications.

Futhermore, we disseminate the information about our open houses on many websites, blogs and social media offering real estate information to buyers.

Open houses allow buyers to tour many homes in a limited time frame and allows them to “condo shop” on the weekends.

Broker-Only Previews

We hold brokers only previews of your home and we invite the top agents who have a proven track record of sales.  It is a great way for agents to remember your property when they show buyers condos that are currently on the market.